Thursday, March 29, 2007

Indoctrinate U.

I'm going to leave to the AR topic for just a moment. There is a new documentary coming out, appropriately titled IndoctrinateU that I think could be very, very important. This film exposes the growing suppression of thought and expression that is not "politically correct" or leftist in nature that has become a cancer on the campuses of so many American colleges and universities. It sad that what should be the leading marketplace of ideas has degenerated into a cesspool of the thought police and the jackboots of political correctness. You can find out more, and watch a trailer here. This could one to keep an eye on.

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padraig said...

Living in one of the bastions of pc-ness, I can tell you this documentary appears accurate but with any luck will become outdated soon.

Why? Because true free thinkers have realized that free thinking does not always equal radicalism. That sometimes the traditional approach can be the best, even if we've forgotten why. That common sense isn't. (Common, that is.)

They've discovered that knee-jerk lefties are no better than knee-jerk righties. The problem is the knee-jerk part.

Look at the historically most radical campuses and their communities and you'll find they've been steadily if reluctantly swinging towards more conventional values. Well, maybe not Eugene. (Sorry Ducks. I love your town anyway.)

(feeble attempt to get back on-topic:) I suspect radical AR elements are having greater success at the "follower" institutions where they haven't been subject to scrutiny for as long as they have been at the traditional ivory towers.