Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vegan convicted of child abuse for starving children into malnourishment

According to this article, a vegan woman in Scottsdale, Arizona has been convicted of child abuse for starving her children into malnourishment. Her husband is also awaiting trial on abuse charges. Notice that the one girl, who was three at the time, weighed only 12 pounds! How sick and perverse must one be to jeopardize the health of their children in order to follow some kind of dietary ideology? Words like "irresponsible" or "reckless" do not do justice to this kind of warped thinking. Adults are free to make whatever dietary choices for themselves they feel fit, but to risk the health of developing, vulnerable children in the name of ideology and dietary dogma is unfathomable to me. I hope that this scumbag child abuser receives the maximum of 51 years in the joint for her insidious crimes against her own children, and she should also not be allowed anywhere near children again.

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