Friday, February 8, 2008

PeTA using racist propaganda for their own ends ( yet again ! )

Everybody probably remembers PeTA's "Holocaust on Your Plate" campaign from a few years back. It was a vile, hateful comparison of using animals for food and the murder of Jews and other people in the Nazi Holocaust. Well, their latest stunt comes close to being equally as vile as well as equally stupid. Their latest video entitled "Wrong Meeting" features a white-robed Klansman going to an American Kennel Club meeting. The inference is that breeding pure-bred dogs is akin to racism. They even introduce a new term, "breedism", which may even be more inane than "speciesism". As per usual, PeTA has no shame when it comes to exploiting the suffering of others for their own ideological gain. From the end of the Civil War up to the time of the civil rights movement, the KKK waged a campaign of murder, hatred and terror against African Americans. To compare that to the breeding of purebred dogs, and having a preference for one breed over another, is nothing short of morally and intellectually bankrupt. In their eyes, if you have a favorite breed of dog, you are no better than a Klansman. How utterly inane. Of course, moral and intellectual bankruptcy is nothing new to PeTA, so I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone. For those that relish irony, there certainly is some here. After all, PeTA, and the AR movement in general, is composed mainly of privileged whites.

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Tiger said...

This from the group that wants pit bulls eliminated totally.

There's enough irony here to cure anaemia in at least a hundred people.