Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vegan evangelist teacher leaves rambling diatribe on PeTA blog

I posted the other day about the story of art teacher Dave Warwak who has been suspended by his school for continually proselytizing veganism to his students. Well, Mr. Warwak has left a bizarre, rambling diatribe on the comments section of the PeTA blog post regarding his suspension ( scroll down and read the comments by Warwak ) . Notice that Mr. Warwak doesn't answer ANY of the arguments directed against him. Not a single one. Instead, he offers up all kinds of strawmen and red herrings that range from references to humane education to school shootings. It all amounts to nothing more than hyper-zealous, self-serving grandstanding. It's so all over the place and off the real issues that it barely seems coherent! I left comments in response to Mr. Warwak's rant on the PeTA blog, that, as of this time, have yet to be published ( If it turns out that PeTA doesn't have the courage to post my response to Mr. Warwak, I will post it here. ). I think that most reasonable people that read Mr. Warwak's comments can see them for what they are: an intellectually bankrupt, rambling screed of a zealous lunatic, that is barely even rational. Hopefully, Mr. Warwak isn't typical of the quality of teachers in today's public schools. If he is, the next generation and this nation, are in deep, deep trouble.


Anonymous said...

Not all vegans and vegetarians are idiots or lunatics bent on saving meat eating people from themselves. Most vegans and vegetarians adopt their lifestyle because of moral and compassion issues. I don't eat meat but I don't try to convert everyone else to my lifestyle. Everyone has their own philosophy on animals and their relationship to humans and the rest of the world. The world isn't always separated in black and white, there are idiots and morons who infest every society, religious sect, political party etc and so forth.

padraig said...

Warwak has now been officially
. I hope folks realize how hard it is to get a school board to fire any teacher with tenure.

Also, if you look at the comments on the article, Warwak posts as "inslide.com" his promise to hire an $800/hour lawyer to sue the school district. I would recommend to him that he get a lawyer who will work for a percentage of the settlement. If he puts one on retainer he may as well sign his house over to him right now.

Grizzly Bear said...

Well said, anonymous and I agree. I have no quarrel with vegans who live their life the way they want and respect other people's right to do the same. My issue here is with those vegans who try to evangelize where it is not wanted, or worse yet, to impressionable children who are not yet able to fully think critically or rationally about such issues for themselves. I take even more exception with those vegans or ARAs who try to ram their lifestyles down other people's throats through the heavy hand of government and courts.