Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vege-vangelist teacher fired by school board

A few weeks ago I posted about crackpot teacher Dave Warwak , who came under fire for proselytizing his vegan agenda to his students without the knowledge and consent of their parents. According to this report, Warwak was fired by a unanimous vote of the school board, after he claiming he wouldn't return to the school until the cafeteria removed all meat and dairy from the menu. Besides Warwak's crazy, juvenile tantrum about the cafeteria, what's interesting here is what some of the students have said. Apparently Warwak asked them to not report his evangelizing to their parents or to school administation. That is pretty damning evidence in my book that Warwak knew full well that what he was doing was completely unacceptable. A teacher doesn't ask students to not tell their parents or other faculty members about what is going on in their classroom, unless that teacher has something to hide. Period. Mr. Warwak has thrown away his teaching career in order to become a "martyr" for his fanatical veganism. I hope it was worth it to him to not only throw away his career, but to make himself look like an utter idiot in the process. I guess he could always get a job as a paid shill for PeTA. And BTW Mr. Warwak, don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

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