Friday, December 7, 2007

ALF plants fake bomb at medical school

The Animal Liberation Front ( ALF ) has claimed responsibility for a bomb threat at the medical school at the University of California San Diego ( UCSD ). A fake bomb was planted at the campus of the UCSD medical school Wednesday, causing the buildings to be evacuated. According to one report the device was "covered with bullets". The FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are investigating. Let's see. Here we have ALF planting a phony bomb on a college campus, causing research buildings to be evacuated. Sounds like it certainly qualifies as an act of terrorism to me. I would challenge any ALF apologist to make a coherent, convincing argument that this doesn't qualify as an act of terrorism. I'm not holding my breath. I'm also not holding my breath that you will here any of this condemned on any pro-AR blog or website.


forhecancreep said...

What gets me is that out of one side of their collective mouth they constantly remind us that they've never hurt or killed anyone (conveniently forgetting the fellow at HLS who got his skull cracked open and the uncountable people waiting for cures destroyed by raids on laboratories) and out of the other they make death threats. Seems to me, you shouldn't be allowed to make death threats if you want people the think you are peaceful and life-affirming.

padraig said...

Turns out in this case it was a disgruntled fired employee, no apparent real ties to ALF showing up (so far).

If any ALF members would like an apology for being wrongly accused, please visit your nearest FBI office and identify yourself as an ALF member (with supporting documentation, of course) and the FBI will be happy to accommodate you. For 8-10 years or so, even.