Sunday, December 16, 2007

The good news: Rodney Coronado is going back to jail. The bad news: it isn't for long enough

AR arsonist Rodney Coronado is headed back to jail yet AGAIN. Coronado plead guilty Friday to demonstrating how to create an incendiary device with the intent of having someone else go out and commit a criminal act. Under the plea deal, the judge will be asked to impose a sentence of one year and one day in prison. The maximum sentence would have been twenty years. This is what, the third time now that Coronado has been convicted of a crime? And he only gets a year? How many times will this waste of oxygen be allowed to commit crimes until someone finally throws the book at him? I would think that eventually some kind of habitual criminal law should kick in. Lock this loser up for good. He is obviously incapable of being a productive, responsible citizen.


padraig said...

The crime he was tried for would have been very tough to prosecute successfully, and had one mistrial already. The problem was that he explained bombmaking as an answer to a question at a seminar, and it's hard to say whether that constitutes soliciting someone to commit a crime. It's the classic free speech vs. "yell fire in a crowded theatre" situation.

Anyway, he's made enough renouncements of the AR cause that he's probably blown any credibility he had within the movement. If he does any concrete acting up after release, the feds will toast him pretty quickly.

Maybe when he gets out he and Warwak can hang out together...

Anonymous said...

In related news from the other side of the pond the main spokesperson (or should that spokeshumanperson) for the AR group SPEAK has been charged with arson and blackmail.

Mel Broughton has always stressed SPEAK used only legal methods in its' campaign the new animal lab in Oxford, though he was always reluctant to condemn criminal and violent acts by anti-vivisectionists. It appears that he might not have been completely honest in his statements to the press!

Christian said...

Viewing a person as being "obviously incapable of being a productive, responsible citizen" kinda begs the question of why such people aren't vivisected and medically tested upon intead of all those cute little bunnies and chimps and mice in the first place... For the good of our species and all, why just warehouse rapists and pedophiles and murderers and such sociopaths?
Hell, even if it isn't of their own choosing, at least their miserable lives could be sacrificed for a better future for all of humanity, no?