Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm back....

after a hiatus over the holidays. We were very busy over the holiday period as Stephanie and I entertained some family and I had a lot going on after I got back to work afterwards. All of it left little time to update the blog. I should be updating more frequently now. This week I'll be looking at Dr. Jerry Vlasak lying to the Senate back in 2005, and deconstruct a rather amusing, vociferous little anti-hunting diatribe by a corrupt former New Jersey Senator. And I'll continue to examine Gary Francione's goofy AR FAQ's.


forhecancreep said...

Welcome back.You might want to check this out:

padraig said...

Key phrase:

"But there have been unintended consequences"

Isn't that pretty much what always happens when AR folks get their way?