Friday, January 11, 2008

PeTA: Still in the animal killing business

Here are some statistics from the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture on PeTA's animal killing activities for 2006. PeTA killed a total of 3,229 animals in 2006. This includes 248 animals classified as wildlife. PeTA adopted out only 12, that's right just 12, companion animals. What's really interesting to me are the statistics concerning wildlife. PeTA returned only one single animal to the wild. Only one. That is an absolutely horrible record compared to some of the wildlife rehabilitation organizations out there. PeTA's hypocrisy on this issue is once again incredulous. PeTA kills more animals in one year, simply as a matter of convenience , than the average hunter will kill in his/her lifetime, and yet it's we hunters who are supposed to be the "bad guy" according to them? The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. PeTA has admitted in the past that it has the resources to actually care for all of the animals it takes in, but it still chooses not to. PeTA would rather spend its 29 million dollar budget on propaganda and cheap publicity stunts than actually caring for animals. To them, it's all about power, money and drawing attention to themselves, folks. How can anyone take an organization seriously that claims animals have rights, but then kills the vast majority of those same animals entrusted to their care?

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Peta would also a Cannibal to be served vegetarian.