Friday, August 31, 2007

British ARAs claim contamination of children's first aid product

A British extremist AR group calling itself the "Animal Rights Militia" is claiming that it contaminated containers of a first aid cream primarily used for children because they believe the manufacturer to have ties to Huntington Life Sciences ( HLS ) according to this report. It appears that no actual contamination probably took place, but claiming so is itself a criminal act. I guess it isn't enough for AR extremists to resort to things like beatings, arsons, and grave robbery. They now have to engage in scare tactics involving products used primarily by children. How sick is that? And ARAs wonder why people consider them to be crazy or mentally ill. I would welcome them to prove me wrong, but rest assured that you will here nothing but deafening silence about this on the pro-AR blogs.

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Anonymous said...

I expect there'll be the usual mix on the anti-viv forums of people justifying the actions of the ARM (or whatever acronym they're using today) and others claiming that it's all a government/big pharma/Pro-Test/Illumenati plot to discredit peaceful law abiding anti-vivisectionists.