Friday, August 31, 2007

Wayne Pacelle continues to be in damage control mode; interviewed by "friend" reporter

I posted a while back about questions that have arisen concerning HSUS's fund raising activities in regards to the Michael Vick dogfighting case. I even suspect that it was one of Pacelle's paid, sycophantic hacks at HSUS who left comments on this blog in regards to that post ( read the comments to see what I'm talking about ). Well, it turns out that HSUS president Wayne Pacelle is still in damage control mode amidst criticisms of HSUS. Check out this article, in which Pacelle is interviewed by a reporter who is a friend of his. As to be expected, Wayne's buddy and interviewer only throws him softball questions ( go figure! ). That's pretty lame Wayne, that's pretty lame. This is what's supposed to pass for journalism here in the brave new 21st century? Thanks to Americans for Medical Progress for bringing this rather "so-pathetic-it's-funny" "interview" to my attention.

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