Friday, August 10, 2007

I, "meddlesome" anti-animal rights blogger

One thing I'm finding out that is kinda cool, in its own way, about blogging on a controversial subject is looking at the amount of juvenile, idiotic hate that gets thrown your way. A reader, someone calling himself "johnny" recently left some comments for me that I thought I would share. In my experience, anger, vitriol, belligerence, and intolerance for others' ideas are often hallmarks of many ARAs, and Johnny is a textbook example. Let's have a look at a little of Johnny's idiocy.

"Hopefully Grizzly will suffer the same fate as that "Grizzly Man" ( see the movie ) and we can all breath a little easier."

" Yes I too call on someone ( or some animal ) out there please will you not rid us of this meddlesome Grizzly"?

I've actually got to thank Johnny for dubbing me with the term "meddlesome". I like it. Johnny's comments are indicative of a person who feels threatened by someone else's ideas, and by the fact that those ideas are being shared. When somebody calls you a term like "meddlesome", you know you are doing something to get under their skin. You know your ideas are really bothering someone when you get termed "meddlesome" and get a death wish in the same sentence! I thought animal rights was all about compassion, peace, love, and all that other feel-good hippie type stuff. Can't you just feel the love and compassion coming from Johnny? And such tolerance for free speech and the open exchange of ideas! Johnny, please feel free to take a break from PeTA2 anytime and come by and throw more hate speech at me. I will gladly post it for all to see.


MarkH said...

This is funny to me because you'd think they'd never want to mention Grizzly Man. After all, what better example is there of an ARA who is so totally clueless about the way nature really works as Timothy Treadwell?

Grizzly Bear said...

Yes, I find that very ironic as well. Mr. Treadwell had a lot of the hallmarks of ARAs in that he was a complete anthropomorphizer. He actually believed that he could "befriend" these bears. Sometimes you will hear ARAs, particularly religious ones, cling to the same kind of drivel when they speak about things like a "peaceable kingdom", a fantasy Utopia in which all creatures just seem to get along with one another and there is no predation or "exploitation". Strange, goofy stuff with no basis in reality. A very astute point, Mark.