Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Comments back on

Hello all. I got back from our hunting trip last night, sooner than expected, but that's a good thing. Thanks to heavy snow in the mountains that made tracking easier, all seven of us filled our elk tags, and one buddy of mine filled his bear tag, too. Anyway, I've turned comments back on if there is anything you'd like to discuss.



padraig said...

Congratulations on a successful hunt. Enjoy your elk steaks.

On the site a discussion popped up inspired by a bow-hunter's account of his bagging a black bear. I stated that although I don't hunt myself I'm fine with hunting as long as the animal's used for meat, and I've enjoyed venison (and antelope and turkey and pheasant and duck, come to think of it) from hunting friends.

But I've never had bear, and have heard it's not all that tasty, so the question is, what did your buddy do with his bear? (Just a tiny bit of devil's advocate going on here...)

Grizzly Bear said...

Hi Padraig

He saved the edible parts, and is going to have the hide made into a rug. This is what I did a few years back when I bagged a black bear. Bear can be good, depending on what the bear was eating. If the bear was feasting on berries all summer, the meat can have a pleasant sweet taste to it. It has a consistency similar to pork.
I saw your comments on You are correct, for everyone that is eating venison, elk, bear, pheasant, or any other wild game they have acquired, there is one less person eating meat from the "factory farms" that ARAs hate so much.