Friday, October 19, 2007

More details on "a gathering of lunatics"

A while back I commented on an upcoming AR conference entitled "Smash the State, Crush the Cage", that I dubbed "a gathering of lunatics". More information on that conference to be held Nov. 9-11 at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts is now available, and it certainly is "a gathering of lunatics" as it has attracted some of the craziest of the AR crazy as speakers. On the docket:

- Dr. Jerry Vlasak, self-anointed "ALF press officer" who is infamous for his repeated calls for the murder of scientists.

- Peter Daniel Young, who served two years in federal prison for breaking into a mink farm and releasing the animals. Young was fugitive from the law for seven years. He was finally arrested when he was caught shoplifting CDs from a Starbuck's shop, in sight of a uniformed cop ( a real rocket scientist, huh? ).

- Pattrice Jones, a self-described "eco-anarcha-feminist animal" ( WTF? )

If you really want a laugh, check out their paranoid security guidelines page. I particularly like this statement: "Do not attempt to buy drugs while on Hampshire campus." I think that itself speaks volumes about the types of individuals that will be attending this conference. As a final note, a big "shame on you" has to go out to Hampshire College for agreeing to host this intellectual bankruptcy.


Anonymous said...

One thing you may have missed.

PETA employee Justin Goodman is a presenter at this conference - check the schedule.

Huh and I thought PETA was an organization that did not condone violence?

If so, maybe they should not hold hands with ALF....

Devon said...

Latest news:

The Hampshire administration seems to have finally realized exactly what was going to be held on campus and taken action. Last I knew Jerry Vlasak will not be allowed to speak (or possibly even allowed on campus? This was unclear.) The administration is also demanding a list of the first and last names of all conference attendees and the organizers were required to make statements on their website "disinviting" all A.L.F. members and sympathizers.

Grizzly Bear said...

Hi Devon

Thanks for the additional info on this. It's nice to see Hampshire taking some control and responsibility here. Thanks again for the heads up!