Thursday, July 12, 2007

Interactive site allows you to score your views on animal ethics

Here is a really fun, interactive site that allows you to answer a series a questions about animal ethics, and then gives you a score that categorizes your generalized beliefs about those ethics. The profile is short at only twelve questions, and it may be quite revealing for some people. Your responses are scored in five categories: contractarianism, utilitarianism, relational, animal rights, and respect for nature. You can then see just which of these categories strongly influence your beliefs about animal ethics. Here were my results: contractarian- 17%, utilitarian-17%, relational-0%, animal rights-0%, respect for nature-67% . Being an outdoorsman, a wildlife biologist, and one who tends to simply accept the natural order of things as it is, this didn't surprise me a whole lot, although I thought I would have scored higher in contractarian than I did. I would be interested to see other people's results, so feel free to post them in comments to this topic. Thanks to the Research Defense Society blog for pointing me toward this.

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