Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Victory For Liberty!: Draconian California Spay/Neuter Law Dead

An overly intrusive, very draconian spay and neuter law has fortunately died in the California legislature, at least for now and in it's current form. The original proposal would have required almost all Californians to have government mandated spay/neuter surgery performed on their dog or cat at 6 months of age or face a $500 fine. The bill was proposed by Sherman Oaks Democrat Lloyd Levine, who is best known for his fondness of the big government nanny state, which includes an idiotic idea to ban incandescent light bulbs in California. After reading up on this clown, it seems there is very little micromanagement of other people's lives that he doesn't like. It seems to me that the decision to spay or neuter should be made privately by the pet's owner in consultation with their veterinarian, not by politicians, bureaucrats, or lobbyists from the animal rights industry. One very encouraging thing that can be gleaned here is that those of us who are growing weary of big government CAN make a difference if we let legislators know we are tired of them butting into our private lives. Tell power-hungry petty tyrants like Mr. Levine that we are fed up with them telling us what to do, what to think, what to say, what to eat, what to drive, where to live, and everything else they like to legislate to us. Tell them they will be voted out of office if they keep violating our personal liberties. Or better yet, don't elect people like Mr. Levine and his ilk in the first place. Judging by some of the lamentations I've read on pro-AR blogs, the loss of this legislation seems to be quite a stinging loss for them.

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