Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jerry Vlasak again reiterates his pro-violence stance

Here is a story in which AR lunatic Dr. Jerry Vlasak once again reiterates his pro-violence stance in regards to stopping biomedical research using animals. We've heard this kind of insane, irresponsible rhetoric from Vlasak before, and there isn't really a whole lot here that is new. There is one comment by Vlasak here, that I would like to look at a little more closely, however. Vlasak said the following in this story: "Nothing else works, and these people are torturing animals to death, and they should be stopped". This statement is simply untrue, and, as a physician, Vlasak ought to know, and probably does know, better. He is simply being dishonest, and throwing around a lame, overused AR cliche in order to advance his pro-AR agenda, IMHO. Medical research does not involve "torturing animals to death". These are the facts about medical research using animals:

- The law, specifically in the U.S., the Animal Welfare Act, outlines specific legal standards of care for research animals that must be adhered to.

- According to USDA records, 94% of research animals suffer no pain at all, only mild discomfort such as injections or blood draws, or are given anesthesia.

- Virtually all animals used in research are eventually humanely euthanized using the method approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

To the rational, thinking individual, none of this adds up to "torturing animals to death". Vlasak's lies and his hyperbolic, vile, misanthropic rhetoric once again speak for themselves.

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