Sunday, June 10, 2007

Death toll from apparent "animal liberation": 400 mink and 2 family dogs

This is a rather disturbing story coming out of Pennsylvania. Four hundred mink will killed when they were released form a mink farm, and two dogs were also stabbed or shot. As the article states, no one has taken responsibility for this act, but it sure seems like it has the Animal Liberation Front ( ALF ) or other similar radical "animal liberation" group written all over it. I would guess that the dogs were killed because they were apparently trained to round up the minks, and the perpetrators couldn't allow that to happen. This incident pretty much sums up what is so wrong about "animal liberation" terrorists. To release animals into the wild like this is nothing short of criminally irresponsible. First off, it often ends up killing the very animals that these miscreants claim they want to protect because they often die from exposure, being run over, predators, etc.. Furthermore, such a release has the potential to also devastate the local ecosystems by the influx of these often non-native animals. And these are the same people that claim to care about animals and the environment. Why would those who favor AR release animals to die and kill dogs one might ask? I think the answer is that because to the AR/animal liberation mindset, self-serving ideology and agenda trumps all. If some animals must be sacrificed to achieve their goal of "total animal liberation", in the words of Ingrid Newkirk, then that is an acceptable loss in their minds. In short, the ends justify the means. We saw a similar thing in the U.K. recently in which some animals were killed in an ALF arson at a dairy farm that damaged farm machinery and a hay barn. Again, the fact that some animals were killed is inconsequential to the perpetrators. You will not here either of these actions condemned by PeTA or any other outlet of the animal rights mafia. Why? Because there seems to be an unwritten rule amongst many ARAs that you never, ever criticize a "direct action" or the ultra-radical lunatic fringe that conducts them. To do so is to harm "the cause". The hypocrisy here is mind-boggling as well. To the AR mind, it is apparently OK for them to kill animals if it somehow advances the "higher goal", but God forbid using animals for life saving medical research or shooting a deer to put food on your table.

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