Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PeTA wants Paris Hilton as spokesperson

This story is just too funny on the one hand, and too much of an indictment of PeTA's character, on the other, to pass up. The folks at PeTA are seeking out Paris Hilton ( a.k.a. inmate number 9818783 ) to be their spokeswoman for chickens according to MSNBC. The cynical, dark humor side of me thinks that Hilton certainly would make a good PeTA spokesperson. After all, she is a spoiled, pampered, whiny, ego-maniacal, utterly clueless celebrity brat, and she would be joining others much like herself on PeTA's roster, such as Pam Andersen and Alec Baldwin. On the other hand, it seems like Hilton's mental health is somewhat fragile at this point, and one can see how utterly shameless PeTA is being in trying to exploit someone who may be in a less than rational condition to further their own ideological ends. But that's typical PeTA for you. In their world, "animal exploitation" is bad, but exploitation of people, especially women, for ideological gain, seems to be just fine. The funniest quote from this whole thing: "We have a good track record at reaching celebrities behind bars" by PeTA's Dan Mathews.

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