Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update to ALF attack on non-fur selling "fur" store

Last week, I posted about an ALF vandalism on a store in Pennsylvania that has the word "fur" in its name, but doesn't actually sell fur. Well, the story has been updated to now include comments by self-anointed ALF "press officer" Dr. Jerry Vlasak. Yes, this is the same Dr. Vlasak that advocates murdering scientists to stop animal testing. In the story, Dr. Vlasak dishonestly attempts to shift the blame for the attacks from the perpetrators and onto the victims. Why? Simply because they use the word "fur" in their name. Dr. Vlasak is using the exact same kind of logic here that some people use to blame a rape victim, rather than the rapist, for the rape: since a woman was dressed provocatively, it is her own fault, not the fault of the perp, that she got raped. After all, by dressing provocatively, she was "just asking for it". Dr. Vlasak is using the same horrid logic: since the business uses the word "fur", well, it's their own fault they got hit. As per usual for Dr. Vlasak, he is utterly intellectually and morally bankrupt.

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