Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dumb and Dumber: Ingrid Newkirk versus Michael Moore

There's nothing quite like watching two idiots go at each other, so this attack by Ingrid Newkirk on left-wing documentary maker and half-baked conspiracy theorist Michael Moore is quite entertaining to say the least. According to the article, in her letter to him, Newkirk referred to Moore as being the proverbial "elephant in the room" because of his weight problem and called him a hypocrite. Ingrid calling someone else a hypocrite? Now that is funny indeed. Ms. Newkirk and her organization are the very poster children for hypocrisy! If Ingrid really wanted to convert Mr. Moore to vegetarianism, insulting him doesn't seem to be a very smart way to go about it, but then again, Ingrid certainly isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.


padraig said...

Griz, you may not be crazy about Michael Moore, but wouldn't you love to see him do something on PETA and HSUS? Penn and Teller's Bulls**t series did a number on PETA, but I don't think many people have seen it. Here's links to



Grizzly Bear said...

A good point Padraig. And maybe it could happen. Moore has had go-arounds with PeTA before, and it seems that he doesn't particularly care for the AR movement. Yes, I would gladly pay the full price of admission to see a documentary by Moore or anyone else that exposes the AR movement.
I absolutely love the Penn and Teller Bulls**t series, and have seen most of them, including the one on PeTA. It is an outstanding series, a skeptic and libertarian's dream. If you have not read it, an excellent book in the same vein is John Stossel's "Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out The Shovel, Why Everything You know Is Wrong".

Grizzly Bear said...

BTW Padraig, thanks for the links. I was not aware the show was posted on the web. I have added it to the link list.

Grizzly Bear said...

Hey Padraig

I went back and reviewed the Penn and Teller program from the links you provided. It had been a long time since I had seen it. I believe this was from maybe the first or second season of the show. One thing really, really stood out to me this time. Did you notice the bizarre, hyper-emotional fervor of the protesters in this? It is almost like they are in some kind of rabid, psychotic, utterly irrational state; very much like some kind of religious fanaticism. Frightening stuff that so many in the world today seem to be willing to trade reason for the madness of rabid emotionalism.

padraig said...

I have a nasty habit of reading advice columns, mostly out of gratitude that I don't have these people's lives. But take a look at the last letter in this column. Remind you of anybody? I think PETA lost two donors when these folks got their lives back.

joey said...

Have you even read ANIMAL FARM? That Orwell qoute is totally out of context.
Ever hear of a 'confirmation bias'? Look it up and scratch your red neck cuz it applies to YOU!