Friday, June 29, 2007

FBI probes attempted firebombing of researcher's car

The FBI is probing the attempted firebombing of a car owned by UCLA medical professor Dr. Arthur Rosenbaum as an act of terrorism. The bombing occurred Sunday, and a group calling itself the "Animal Liberation Brigade" is threatening Professor Rosenbaum with more violence. The group said in the following in their "communique" ( a "comminque" is pretentious AR-speak for a press release issued by a criminal element ) :

"Rosenbaum, you need to watch your back because next time you are in the operating room or walking to your office you just might be facing injections into your eyes like the primates, you sick twisted f---."

Wow. Such venom, such vitriol, such unbridled hate. I thought AR was all about compassion, tolerance, peace, love, and all that wonderful hippie-type stuff? Can't you just feel the love and compassion oozing from the fine folks at "Animal Liberation Brigade"?

One thing I find interesting here is the comments by Chancellor Abrams that even those who agree with AR "should divorce themselves from those who engage in violence, harassment, and criminal acts and do what they can to bring the lawbreakers to justice.". I am familiar enough with the ways of AR organizations ( and admittedly cynical enough ) to know that such a hope is a pipe dream. Rest assured that some ARAs will completely agree with this crime, and that the silence from the rest will speak volumes. You will here nothing from PeTA, HSUS, or any other AR propaganda machine condemning this. I would welcome them proving me wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.


padraig said...

The attack was publicized by the Animal Liberation Press Office (ALPO) which is openly run by Jerry Vlasak. He claims he has no knowledge of the senders. However, when the communique first appeared it said they had blown up the car. Today the document's been edited to say "a device was ignited."

A few months back when the same group left a firebomb on the wrong doorstep in LA, Vlasak also edited his original entry to remove endorsements from some AR folks. This of course only happened AFTER it was revealed that they'd tried to bomb the wrong house.

Jerry ought to fix up his system security, what with all these people sneaking in and editing his web content. ;)

Unfortunately, their lack of basic competence only makes them that much more of a threat to the general public.

padraig said...

Here's the L.A. Times coverage.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the police and FBI will get to grips with these AR terrorists and their cheerleaders , including Jerry Vlasak.

It would also be good to see staff, students and members of the public demonstrate their support for UCLA medical researchers who are threatened by AR extremists. Here in the UK last year an organization named Pro-Test ( lead a couple of demonstrations in favour of the construction of a new animal research lab in Oxford and against animal rights extremists who had threatened staff, students and contractors.

While these demonstrations were relatively small, involving a few hundred (at most one thousand) people, they attracted a large amount of favourable press coverage and commentary and were a huge moral boost to scientists and medical research advocates.

Is it not time for US citizens who believe in medical progress to stand up for, and alongside, their scientists?

Paul, UK

Grizzly Bear said...

"Is it not time for US citizens who believe in medical progress to stand up for, and alongside, their scientists?"

Well said Paul, I agree completely. That's part of the reason for this blog in fact; to open people's eyes up to what the radical AR movement is all about. Unfortunately, here in the U.S., these kinds of acts by AR and eco terrorists don't often seem to get the national coverage by the mainstream press that they deserve, which is unfortunate.