Friday, June 29, 2007

UK Environment Minister rules out Foie Gras ban

Here is some refreshing news, especially considering where it comes from. According to this article, The UK's Environment Minister has ruled out a ban on the sale of foie gras. Ben Bradshaw, the Environment Minister said the following: "Ultimately, the most effective action that can be taken is for individuals not to buy foie gras, if they dislike the way it is produced.". This is exactly the point I have made before in response to the silliness of foie gras bans. Let the free market decide. There is no need for the heavy hand of intrusive big government. If people do not like foie gras, they will not purchase it, and that for which there is no market will disappear. Chicago aldermen, are you taking notes? You could learn something about free markets and personal liberty from Mr. Bradshaw's comments.


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog - much food for thought. House of Fraser banned the sale of foie gras in their stores recently - just thought you might be interested?
Here's an article about it.

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