Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chicago to repeal foie gras ban?

Here' s what could be a bit of good news for personal liberty in Chicago. According to this article in the Chicago Tribune, the city council will soon move to repeal the city's neo-Prohibitionist ban on the sale of foie gras. That would be welcome indeed as the ordinance was completely unnecessary in the first place. The ordinance is little more than petty power-mongering by nosy big government, and the forces of the free market are all that is necessary to decide this issue. If you are repulsed by how foie gras is produced, then simply don't buy the product. If enough people share your views, then demand for it will plummet and it will disappear on its own. After all, restaurants don't put items on their menu, and stores don't stock products, that there is no demand for. That is the basis of how the free market works. It really is that simple, and no nosy, activist city councilmen are needed.

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