Friday, May 11, 2007

AZA head exposes PeTA's hypocrisy in op-ed

Kudos to Steve Feldman, senior vice president of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums ( AZA ) for calling out PeTA on their lies, deceptions, and hypocrisy in regard to treatment of animals in this op-ed piece. Keep them coming Mr. Feldman, we need more of this.


padraig said...

Anti-zoo protests from AR's particularly chafe me, since most of them would never have SEEN most of the animals they claim to protect if not for zoos (not to mention circuses and other animal entertainment).

Zoos create more pro-animal sentiment than any AR demo ever could. If they want to help animals, let them donate to the zoos' efforts to provide the animals more spacious and natural environments.

Grizzly Bear said...

Hi Padraig

You are correct in your analysis. The other thing I would add is that I think many ARs are ignorant to what zoos and aquariums do for conservation. There are highly endangered species that probably would already be extinct if it were not for captive breeding programs, which are often facilitated by zoos. Often, just seeing these animals live and in person is enough to make people more conservation oriented. AR opposition to zoos, is, IMHO, is just like the rest of AR ideology: based upon hyper-emotionalism, ignorance of the natural universe, and Utopian idealism, rather than being based upon facts, logic, science, and even common sense. It's quite ironic that ARAs are vehemently opposed to two of the groups that do the most work for wildlife conservation: sportsmen and zoos.