Friday, May 4, 2007

The moonbattery du jour: Canadian lawmaker wants Bigfoot protected as endangered species

This story is so utterly bizarre that one would hope it's a joke, but it isn't, apparently. A Canadian lawmaker wants Bigfoot protected under Canada's endangered species laws. That's right Bigfoot. Forget the fact that the creature has never been scientifically proven to even exist, and is thought by most biologists to be little more than a hoax and the stuff of urban legend. Here's a quote from the petition being circulated by the MP, Mr. Lake: "The debate over their (Bigfoot's) existence is moot in the circumstance of their tenuous hold on merely existing,...." . God, talk about idiotic doublespeak. It makes the head spin. If we don't even know something exists, then how can we possibly know if it has a "tenuous hold on merely existing"? The logic is so twisted, one is almost at a loss for words. As a conservationist and wildlife biologist, I am all for the conservation and protection of endangered species. Every unique species fills its own ecological niche, and is, therefore, of value. But let's make sure that such protections are based in good science and in FACTS. This is based in neither. I'm left wondering if Mr. Lake will also suggest that the Loch Ness monster, Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy also be considered endangered species as well. Folks, you just couldn't make up this kind of goofiness if you tried.

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